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My little sister and my girlfriend and I are all joining a gym together! We found a super inexpensive, low-pressure/high-support gym in the area (more-or-less) and we are going for the first time on Saturday and/or Sunday. Hooray!

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15 lbs down by Valentine’s Day



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Maksim Arbuzov   |   http://maksimarbuzov.com

"Feel The Nature, Feel The Form! Natural forms is the best way to show naturalness of product. You need to have only form that to understand what is inside of package. Honey must looks as honey. That is why this package is so simple and clean. You have to enjoy the smell and taste of Honey. Nothing more should not bother you."

The moment he took a pencil and drew something on the wall that later on turned out to be a car, his design career was started. Then he swapped a pencil for a spray paint and cars were drawn not only inside his house but also on city streets. Afterwards, he found practical use for his skills and worked for a student newspaper as an illustrator while studying tourist management. Career in that field ended before it even started and Maxim decided to become a designer. He prefers working in silence and to have his work done to satisfy the highest standards. He likes the sun and snow, coffee and ice-cream

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This is my fitblr

I love this! Safe fitspo :)

You are not a machine.

The last one :b

♥ Love this

All of these.  So much truth!


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moses u little shit


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How to tie shoes for running


How to tie shoes for running

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Recently I finished doing the illustrations for a children’s book that will come out next year. All of the illustrations were done by hand with watercolor. This meant that I had to cut down larger sheets of watercolor paper to size and I was left with a lot of extra scrap paper. Instead of just tossing the scraps, I decided to make some fandom bookmarks! Because I can’t possibly use all of these bookmarks, I’m going to do a follower giveaway to show my love for all of you wonderful people. There will be 13 winners!! You read that right. 13 people will walk away with original bookmarks. How does this work? You have seen 11 of these bookmarks, but there is one surprise secret fandom, and one opportunity for a custom fandom bookmark. 


*there are 13 winners, this means that you get to choose a fandom 1-11, surprise, or custom. The choices will go in order of winners. So if you win the 13th place and the bookmark you wanted was already chosen, sorry. I’m not doing any more of these. Maybe I’ll open commissions for them later, but these are freebies. So take it or leave it.

*I am shipping these from Japan, but I will ship anywhere in the world, so anyone can enter. 

*this contest will end MIDNIGHT on OCTOBER 1, 2013. The contest will end on Japan time. I’m not going to bother putting what time it is in your area here, please look it up, thanks!


*The custom bookmark will go to the first winner to ask for it. You may ask for a fandom, or for my original characters. You may say what characters you like the best, but I get creative liberty in what goes on the bookmark. It will be your choice of fandom though :)

*if you want a custom one for yourself that you have full control over in terms of content, I’ll open commissions up if people are interested.


1.Adventure Time

2. Welcome to Night Vale

3. Avengers

4. Journey into Mystery

5.Teen Wolf

6. Hannibal

7. Sherlock

8. Supernatural

9. Young Avengers

10. Doctor Who

11. Harry Potter

12. ???!?!!!??!?!?!!!!

13. Custom


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Does anyone know any good/useful/fun fitness games for the DS/3DS? I don’t have a TV anymore, and we don’t really have room for one anyway, so my Wii Fit days are postponed (which bites, because I love those days).

So yeah. Any suggestions?